Smartphone With More Features Than Most Others on the Market

With Android being the dominant smartphone operating system, it’s no surprise that the Vivo X60 has been hailed as the next big thing. The vivo X60 Pro+ isn’t just a high-end smartphone; it’s everything a smartphone should be: powerful, refined and completely user-friendly. The phone isn’t without flaws, however. While it doesn’t have many features you’d expect from such a high-end device these days (like Qi auto-charging, a ultra-high resolution screen and solid IP-ratings for water and dust resistance), the phone makes up for it with what could very well be the most powerful camera set on an smartphone. And with Vivo taking an almost obsessive approach to the design of their phones, you can expect the Vivo X60 to continue becoming one of the most popular handset models in a very short time. vivo x60

The one plus point that the Vivo X60 possesses over its competitors is its extremely fast charging capability. Compared to other modern smartphones which take quite a while to charge, the Vivo has an extremely rapid charge rate. This means that you’ll never be left waiting for a dead battery again. You can even go to bed with it fully charged; no need to worry about running out of juice before your workday starts. This is very important because smartphone users are more likely to be on the move more often than any other group of people.

One feature that the vivo v11 can’t live up to is the camera’s night vision capability. On other handsets this isn’t a very big deal, but since the Vivo X60 has a dual camera setup, low light photography is one thing the handset can’t live up to. Despite having two cameras the device still doesn’t have an extremely large lens. For those who use portrait mode to take low light pictures the camera just isn’t as effective as it needs to be. When you compare the camera on other smartphones like the Nokia E71 or iPhone 4, you will see that they have optical zoom whereas the vivo v11 uses digital zoom. It can be said that it lacks optical zoom.

The camera module on the device also suffers from some issues. Apart from the fact that it’s quite slow in loading images the picture taken with the x60 is quite blurry. In addition to low light performance, the face recognition technology on this handset also has problems. Many individuals are not happy with the way this handset functions and find it difficult to rely on it when in low light conditions. Fortunately, there is a fix available called Motion Detection Auto Focus which automatically positions the image once you press the shutter button twice.

This auto-focus software comes free of charge along with the purchase of this handset but it’s limited to low-light only. The good thing about this auto-focus software is that it can be used to take pictures in any conditions and the X60 can capture photos in the kind of low light most professional photographers are used to. If you want to fully control your pictures’ appearance you should purchase the Vivo X60Sultra Pro instead. With the stabilization feature of this camera module even if you’re taking a shot in a dimly lit room the results are stunning.

The Vivo X60Sultra Pro can be used for professional photography as well as for casual use. For example, you can use it for portrait mode which lets you take pictures of yourself, your friends or family in a specific situation. Another great function of this smartphone is its fast shutter speed and the optical zoom feature. If you need a smartphone with more features then the Vivo X60Sultra may be perfect for you.

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